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16 - 30 November 2011  
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‘HiDoctor is the only pharma specific sales and marketing tool’

HiDoctor, a revolutionary sales and marketing platform, aims at providing a scientific approach to solve pharma sales and marketing challenges. Anand Natraj, CEO, Swaas Systems, reveals more to Sachin Jagdale

What are the sales challenges for the Indian pharma industry?

The three key sales challenges for the pharma industry are firstly, attrition of medical reps, which leads to attrition of doctors and in turn , affects the sales growth, market share with increased territory development cost.

Secondly, lack of knowledge in key prescribers/doctors. This leads to poor territory knowledge and meeting non-core doctors will affect sales productivity.

And thirdly, competition. There is minimal difference in products.This leads to price drops and thereby reduction in the margins.

Did you have consultations with pharma companies before coming up with the HiDoctor solution?

We had industry stalwarts like R K Ramanathan, Tarun Gupta as our mentors who helped us with their deep domain knowledge in the creation of the product. Our customers assisted us in shaping the product with robust features.

What are the key features of HiDoctor?

HiDoctor is a revolutionary sales and marketing platform aimed at providing a scientific approach to solve pharma sales and marketing challenges. Key features of HiDoctor are:

  • Administrative Control : Information about the daily activities of the field force, MIS at the click of a button, control on monthly expenses
  • Correlation between sales activity and results
  • Business critical information on key prescribers, competition (using RCPA)
  • Complete territory information with data history. Despite attrition, the manager should not lose valuable territory information

Do you modify HiDoctor solutions depending on the pharma company and applications of its products?

HiDoctor is a domain-specific product which has been built to accommodate pharma processes. The main benefit for the customers is that there is no need for customisation and it is like a plug-and-play software which the user can start using from day one. If required, we do customisations based on the need of the customers.

How is HiDoctor different from its competitors?

The players who compete with HiDoctor serve multiple verticals with no added focus on the pharma domain. HiDoctor is the only pharma-specific sales and marketing tool. It has the flexibility to accommodate majority of the business scenario sencountered in the pharma industry. Because of this, implementation cost is reduced and time taken to go live is reduced.

It is very easy to use as the screens are designed with the pharma reps in mind. Ease of use and user friendly navigation is of prime importance. We are building a HiDoctor community rather than focussing on individual transactions.

How was the initial response from the pharma industry to your product? Have you received any special suggestions from them?

We launched our product in 2009 and received an overwhelming response from the pharma companies all over India. Our customers are the ones who shaped our product by giving various suggestions on new features and reports. RCPA to analyse the competition, target planning vs achievement, reports on core doctors visits, etc were features recommended by our customers.

Who are your clients so far?

Despite being a new entrant, the product is used by more than 50 pharma business houses ranging from large sizes to start ups. FDC, Wallace Group, Indoco Remedies, Tablets India, TTK, Nexgen, Natco Pharma, H &H Pharma, etc have gained immensely by using HiDoctor.

Can the same concept be applied to other industries as well? Will you be considering that in the coming future?

As of now, we want to focus on the pharma domain as the industry is very unique (business to influencer to consumer). Insurance industry has a very similar business process which we may consider, but we have a lot to achieve in the pharma industry as it is a huge market with different sets of challenges.

As stated on your website, HiDoctor also includes automation of gifts management to ensure that the gifts reach the doctors on time. Don't you think that dealing with such gifts will raise some ethical concerns?

HiDoctor does only inventory management of gifts as per the company policy. It is in no way encouraging unethical practices. We are even shortlisted for NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2012. We received this nomination for helping the sales rep community with technology innovation and protecting the environment by encouraging paperless offices.

What are your future plans?

We need to increase our user base to around one lakh in the next two years. We are also planning to launch in different geographies like US, South East Asia and Middle East. Our R&D team is working on launching our solutions on a tablet PC with advanced features like geo fencing, e-detailing, etc.



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