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16-30 November 2010  
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GC Smart® - High-Speed Tablet Coating Machine by Pam Glatt Pharma Technologies

Over the decades pharma industry has seen variety of developments and improvements in the manufacturing practices. However, one part not much touched is tablet coating. Whether film coating or sugar coating, process more or less remains the same with minor changes in the equipment.

To fully appreciate the advantages of the new Pam Glatt GC Smart® high-speed coating machine, one has to understand the process of coating, and the issues related to it. The most common method used is perforated pan coating. In this process, lot of tablets is continuously sprayed with coating solution supported by continuously rotating pan and hot air for drying. This is a typically lengthy process and heavily dependent upon type of equipment, process parameters and even the operator skills.

One of the common problem in the above method is gun choking because of which frequent operator intervention is required in cleaning the guns. Further during the process operator has to regularly put his hand inside for sampling and to check effective drying. Typically due to the limitations of drying, the spray rates are also slow making the process lengthy. The baffle design also plays an important role from effective and gentle mixing of the whole lot.

However the biggest hard hitting problem is the loss of coating solution due to spray drying. The extent of this problem is so much that in most of the coating processes, at least 20-30 percent solution is sprayed extra to compensate for spray drying and for achieving the required weight gain.

After years of research for improvement in coating process, Glatt has come out with its unique GC Smart®. The trials have shown that unique air flow patterns inside the process area make the efficiency of the system 95-98 percent. This means solution sprayed will be effectively used for weight gain rather than getting wasted on the pan, baffles or the spray nozzles. This itself becomes a huge saving if one compares the cost of coating solution spent due to spray drying.

Increased drying capacity will enable to increase the spray rate and reduce the process time by almost 40-50 percent. The specially designed GCSD spray nozzles having anti bearding cap with nano coating ensure that there is no beard formation or gun choking. Also this GCSD nozzle can be dismantled in less than a minute for easy cleaning. The uniquely designed “Reverse Fischer Baffles” covering the entire width of the pan ensure gentle but effective mixing.

And that’s not all, due to the reduced spray drying the process remains clean. This enables shortest possible changeover during the intermittent lots or batches. The sample taking port ensures that operator can check the samples without intruding inside the process zone.

Some doubts were raised as to the utility requirement of such a system may be higher. However when studied in detail, from design point of view as well in practical, the utility requirement is also not high. The steam requirement, electricity, compressed air consumption was actually checked in practical and compared with existing systems available.

In keeping with the 40 years of experience in tablet coating behind it, Glatt has designed and developed parts of the machine after extensive research, creating a machine that addresses both handling and process control issues of other machines, giving the industry a truly ‘Smart’ tool.

For more information, contact:
Shaju Thomma
Head – Sales & Marketing
Pamglatt Pharma Technologies Pvt Ltd
(A member of ACG Worldwide)
Email: sales.pamglatt@acg-world.com
Visit us at: www.acg-world.com


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