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1-15 July 2010  
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Hamdard launches JIGREEN for healthy liver

Our News Bureau - Mumbai

Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, recently unveiled ‘JIGREEN’, a clinically tested product for liver health. It is a 100 percent natural, unique multi-herb formulation, helps and ensuresoptimum liver function by protecting the liver against harmful toxins like drugs, alcohol, and contaminated food and water. It is developed on the principles of the unani system, JIGREEN is clinically tested for its efficacy in treatment of liver disorders like viral hepatitis, drug induced hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease.

JIGREEN is also an excellent general health supplement that helps detoxify the system, stimulate appetite, and promote strength and good health. A 200 ml syrup pack of JIGREEN is available at pharmacies across the country at a cost of Rs 70. Arshad Siddiqui, Chief Marketing Officer, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories said, “Liver diseases in India are on the rise. Alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, and unhealthy eating habits have been the main reasons behind the rise of liver diseases. JIGREEN, a formulation of time tested herbs, protects the liver against harmful toxins and ensures healthy functioning of the liver.”

Hamdard has grown into an institution devoted to provide health to all through promotion and development of unani.

A premier pharmahouse with a nationalist inspiration and a total indigenous base, the company stands as a mission committed to serve the benefit the society. The company aims at touching life at various aspects of human welfare by way of imparting health education, conducting research on the therapeutics and drug of natural medicine, extending philanthropic services through the Hamdard National Foundation.


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