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16-31 January 2009  
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Integrated Clean Room Technologies

Quality and Innovation… hand in hand

"Our core strength comes from the fact that we constantly innovate and create newer and better products that add value to our customers' business"

- K. Gopi
Managing Director
Integrated Clean Room Technologies (IClean)

Integrated Clean Room Technologies (IClean) was established in Hyderabad in the year 2002 as a clean room manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry; since its inception it has fast grown as India's leading clean room manufacturer with in house capabilities for product design, installation and development.

"IClean was initiated utilising their pharmaceutical background and experience. Back in 2003, the company's operations were basically to import clean room utilities", said K. Gopi, Managing Director. In this process, equipment cost, project timelines and knowledge of Indian requirements were the main complications. Therefore IClean took up the task of developing and producing clean room equipment indigenously in the country. In doing so IClean has been able to provide fast and cost effective services that adhere to Indian standards.

Gopi said, "In April of 2008, we started a third production unit which enabled us to triple our capacity and increase our productions from 1 lakh sq mtrs to 3 lakh sq mtrs. Now we have a total of 1.3 lakh sq ft. of area for our operations". The role of clean rooms in core segments like Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Microelectronics is of vital significance. Since these industries require the perfect environment to operate and function, clean rooms need to subscribe to the most stringent quality norms and display consistent performance and long term utility. Gopi stated, "Right from manufacture and supply of clean room materials to installation and customising our product range to suit varying needs of our customers, we spare no effort to ensure that we deliver the best in terms of quality and service".

The products include metallic wall and ceiling panels with PUF and rock-wool insulation; air handling units; lab furniture; fume cupboards; laminar flow stations; and pass boxes etc. manufactured to custom builds and finishes. "We have forayed into new fields of production. Added to our product line of clean room equipment and accessories, are air handling units and lab furniture. We also plan on taking up HVAC clean room projects in about 3 months. These new products will require the same expertise and facilities that we currently maintain, which make it a smooth transition", added Gopi. They have also recently ventured into the new market segments of semiconductors, hardware, food and solar cell manufacturing. The systems incorporated in IClean's productions are all ISO 9001-2000 certified and approved, and their products comply with stringent international standards.

IClean holds an edge in the industry market thanks to the superior quality of its products, its better understanding of customer requirements from the concept to the hand-off stage, and its ability to deliver to the customers on time. Gopi explained, "Our powder coating facility is probably the most advanced in India and our company is one of the largest Clean Room suppliers in the nation with possibly the widest range of products on offer. All this has been possible because of our own research and development team".

Quick turn-around time, the ability to precisely address each of our customer's specific requirements and a preoccupation with quality has earned IClean an enviable client list. Fully computerized, state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipped with CNC machines is perfectly geared to cater to the varying requirements and specifications of customers. "In the industry, new companies seem to attract customers but disappoint since they do not completely understand the customers' needs. Our on time delivery models, 'Fast Track Projects', economical and high quality equipment combined with our better understanding of the customer requirements have been the cornerstones of our success; we have managed to create a loyal clientele that order products from us regularly", said Gopi.

The Company's mission is to incorporate innovation in its processes to improve quality and increase capacity. Apart from the domestic Indian Pharma market, they also export clean room equipment to places in Europe, Africa and Asia: Greece, Cameroon and Yemen to be precise. "Our core strength comes from the fact that we constantly innovate and create newer and better products that add value to our customers' business. This, coupled with a core management team with a wealth of experience, a Best Practices driven strategy and stringent Quality norms has enabled us to compete successfully in a growing market", expressed Gopi.

IClean has no partnerships or alliances as such, though they do work with independent consultants to assist them in their performance. The Company is centrally located in Hyderabad with Sales representatives in Mumbai and Chennai. Commenting on the recent economic meltdown, he said, "The global recession has not altered our performance in the industry. The last 2 months have actually seen higher production and we have maintained production levels for the past 5 years". Regarding the company's performance, Gopi added, "The Company has been witnessing a 60-70% growth with each passing year. We are setting a target of Rs. 50 crore in turnover for this year and hope to achieve Rs. 100 crore by the year 2010".


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