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1-15 February 2006  
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BioAsia 2006 Special
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Giant steps from Mankind

Mankind Pharma is one of the fastest growing domestic pharmaceutical companies, making a strong impact on the Indian pharma scene for the past decade since it came into existence.Sapna Dogra finds more

A Rs 350 crore company, Mankind, has grown dramatically at a rate of more than 60 percent. Its fast pace has placed it amongst the top five fastest growing pharmaceutical companies of India (ORG-IMS, retail audit, 2005).

Impressive growth

The story of Mankind Pharma is one of inspiration, persistence and perseverance. From a humble beginning in 1995 with a capital investment of about Rs 50 lakh, Mankind was able to achieve a turnover of over Rs 300 crore in the year 2005 from a modest Rs 3.5 crore in the year 1995. With a market share of about 1.75 percent of the Rs 25,000 crore domestic pharma market, Mankind has a strong presence in antibiotics, antifungals, nutritionals, gastrointestinals, NSAIDs, antihelmintics and ED categories. They have many brands that ranked number one like Zenflox, Nuforce, Nurokind and Manforce. Other top brands include Bandy, Cefakind, Fynal, Mahacef, Omidom and Sparkind. Mahacef ranked first among the top launches of the last two years.

Marketing strategy

When it started in 1995, Mankind had a presence in just two states. Today, Mankind covers the entire length and breadth of India. The company focuses on the grassroots by tapping small towns and rural areas through its team of about 1,900 medical representatives. It is doing fairly well even in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai.

The company is aggressively expanding its domestic sales through its existing divisions, namely Mankind, Discovery Mankind and Life Star, as a business strategy. For instance, the Mankind division has a mixed bag of cardiovascular and diabetic products. Mankind’s domestic formulations business is expected to grow at a whopping 40 percent.

The Discovery Mankind division was launched about two-and-a-half years ago. With a field force of 650 medical representatives and managers, already quite a few brands of Discovery Mankind have reached to the top five positions in their respective segments. They are Zenotin, Sparkind, Nobel Gel, Nuforce-3 Kit, Fynal, and Mahacef. The relatively new Life Star division is yet another sister concern of Mankind Pharma, which has inducted around 100 field people so far. The focus of Life Star division of Mankind is on ophthalmology and the dermal segment. Very soon, it will be entering into anti-malarial segment.

New products on anvil
Oral Solids: Methyldopa; Artisunate; Iron preparation; Tamsulosin + Finasteride.

Dermal Range: Isotretinoin (oral); Fusidic acid; Mometasone; Mometasone + Terbinafine; Clindamycin + Adapalene; Adapalene (topical).

Ophthalmic Range: Ketorolac; Fluorometholone; Prednisolone; Polyvinyl alcohol+Povidone eye drops.

Blockbuster brands
Zenflox, Manforce, Nurokind, Gatikind, Nuforce, Zenflox - OZ, Nobel - MR

Driving force

R C Juneja
Managing Director

The driving force behind this rising juggernaut is the Managing Director, R C Juneja, whose vision and unrelenting perseverance has made Mankind a force to reckon with. In fact, his personal life is a source of inspiration to many. A science graduate, Juneja worked at Lupin as a Manager before he set up his own outfit. Reminiscing, Juneja says, Mankind was launched as a very small entity in Meerut with about 20 products, which mainly included vitamins, painkillers and antibiotics. "Even the name 'Mankind' was chosen deliberately because we wanted to serve mankind and suffering people. Our aim is to reach out even to those corners of the country where nobody had ventured before," reveals Juneja.

What is the secret of such stupendous growth? "We believe in sharing our fortunes within the company amongst all employees," claims Juneja. The incentive policy is such that it makes our people work hard, adds Dr Sanjay Kaul, GM, Project Management Team. "We always think about the patients, the consumers and hence we have always lowered the price bands," informs Juneja, who also wants to build a charitable hospital in Meerut for the underprivileged.

Human Resource

According to Juneja, people are the most valued asset of the company and are growth triggers in the true sense. Growing from a strength of 53 field personnel in 1995 to a committed force of 2,200 people in the field in 2005, the numbers speak for themselves. Moreover, preference is given to attitude over aptitude, adds Juneja. Instead of having a top-heavy organisation and incurring huge expenditure, the company is focusing on its people along with making medicines affordable for the masses, avers Juneja.

Spreading out

The company has embarked on an ambitious project with a new R&D facility being developed at Gurgaon

Mankind is aiming to be among the top five pharmaceutical companies in the country along with attaining a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore by 2010. It is also planning to increase the work force to 3,000 in the next two years. To achieve this, the company has embarked on an ambitious project with a new R&D facility being developed at Gurgaon, which will be operational in 2007. The focus of this facility will be on formulation development and contract research, besides involved in new drug delivery systems, bio-equivalence studies and new drug discovery. Similarly, a new manufacturing unit based on USFDA standards is being set up in Poanta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh. Likely to be operational by June this year, this injectible unit will have a production capacity of 30 million ampoules and 30 million vials. The funds earmarked for these projects are to the tune of Rs 70 crore.

The company is all set to enter the semi-regulated markets of South East Asia, South Africa, and former CIS countries along with targeting the neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

HR development programmes
People are trained through development-oriented programmes. According to Kaul, the main aim is to harness the true potential of an employee by increasing his or her knowledge and skill for doing a particular job and in the process prepare them for a higher level of performance.

There are comprehensive training programmes for employees at all levels. These include:

Class Room Training: A 25-day training programme for new members in sales. They are trained in product knowledge, market knowledge, competitor knowledge, communication skills, attitude improvement and selling technique.

Refresher Courses: In order to update the field force's product knowledge, various refresher courses are organised for them through various exciting exercises.

Management Development Programme: To retain the punch and drive, and to reduce dropouts, there are various management development programmes conducted on a regular basis.



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